I have taken up learning Jyotish since last year or so and I am fascinated every bit by the vastness and depth of this subject. I agree to the fact that, a person has to spent number of lifes studying Jyotish before he can say that he knows jyotish very well.

Today we have hardly any real Jyotishis (Astrologers following the Indian Sidereal Astrology). The number of people having indepth knowledge of Jyotish can probably be counted on your fingers. However, I must also admit that there are thousands of them making an active effort to learn and spread the knowledge of Jyotish.

This Jyotish page on Armoks.com will help the readers find resources and content fragnmented on the web. Please note that the content here will largely be contributed by people across the globe.

I would request you to comment what you would like to see and I will make every effort to ensure that I get the information for you.


One thought on “Jyotish

  1. Jyotish is a waste of time, Nothing works according to stars, you work according to your will, so don’t waste time in it , do some thing else productive.

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