Google joins the Cricket World Cup bandwagon !

Here is the complete post from Google’s blog on cricket. They also have joined the cricket excitement bandwagon…they have lots of stuff to offer…I have copied the whole post verbatim…I am really not in a great mood to write with India loosing couple of wickets early on against minnows like bangladesh !

World Cup action is upon us

If you’re not into cricket, read no further. But if you are, you must know that everyone has an opinion on cricket and each point of view is unique. You sometimes choose to share your views with friends and family over a ‘dinner and watching the cricket match’ get-together ritual. Your uncle often interjects with his usual support for Shane Warne‘s superb bowling, even though Shane is now retired and not playing for Australia in this year’s World Cup.

Whatever your favourite mode of cricket expression might be, the Google cricket campaign in India allows you to join in the world cup excitement in more ways than one. Howzzat?

Talk cricket on Orkut
Cricket discussions that started in the elevator can spill over to the Orkut network. Especially this season, in association with us, cricket expert and former Indian cricket captain Krish Srikkanth has created his own community on Orkut to interact with cricket lovers, debate the latest happenings and just share cricket views.

Express yourself on a blog
Write your own views about cricket on Blogger, and then publish and share them with the world online. If you would rather read about cricket than write, Krish has also created his own blog on this year’s World Cup action. Get to know him and his take on the games and his memories of his 1983 victory at close quarters. And if you’ve taken a fancy to blogging, submit your own blog this World Cup season to our cricket blogging contest for Indian audiences.

Get cricket scores & news
If work or school are getting in the way of your cricket enjoyment, keep up to date with match scores and World Cup cricket news by personalizing your Google homepage with the latest cricket gadgets. If you prefer, you can also get cricket scores, exciting images and cricket videos straight to your desktop with Google desktop cricket gadgets.

So if you’re a cricket aficionado, join the World Cup fun with Google. And if you’re not? More for the rest of us to enjoy!


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