Google Phone Patent : Predicting Your Phone Calls

Mad4MobilePhones looks at a patent filed by Google which includes predicting phone calls and actions based upon time and location and may be part of the upcoming Google Phone project.

The patent, Nonstandard locality-based text entry, was filed in 2005.

This patent is truly groundbreaking in what the application could do. Imagine that you are planning a night out in London.

  • At 6pm Google could predict you are looking for a restaurant and, given your history of looking for directions to Chinese restaurants every week, would select an array of suitable places for you to eat.
  • At 9pm you would turn your phone on again and Google would know you wanted bars near the restaurant.
  • At 11pm Google again predicts you need a list of local taxi firms.

More from Patent: Google Phone knows what you want before you search.


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