Cricket lovers in the United States can Watch World Cup Live

Cricket lovers in the United States and the Caribbean will be able to watch the World Cup live on televisions and computers.

EchoStar and its Dish Network said besides live matches, their customers would be able to watch replays, highlights and news. Simultaneously, it would provide background information on players and teams.

Michael Kelly, Executive Vice President of EchoStar, which has exclusive distribution rights in North America and the Caribbean, said viewers in America, having a strong South Asian community, would be able to watch matches live during the day.

But those who would miss the live action can watch the matches and replays on their computers though a broadband connection, he added. It also provides its customers with digital video recorder (DGV) on which they can record and see them later.

The full package costs USD 199.95 and Kelly said because of licensing and technological problems they could not provide subscription on match by match basis. But those who do not want to see the matches on television can subscribe to watch these on their computers.

Now thats what I am looking for !!!!


One thought on “Cricket lovers in the United States can Watch World Cup Live

  1. Media pumping money into cricket is a great thing for both current and former Indian cricketers. I know when I used to be a kid in India, and whenever India won the match, I used to read the description in all the available newspapers.

    Cricketers earning a lot of money publicly is good thing, too. It tells our yougsters and students that talent and hardwork and bit of a luck is what counts and not just doing well in the exams at schools.

    Doing well gets you a ticket, but your talent decides the show that ticket is good for.

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